Personal Training

Take control of your development

Training Done Right

We believe that player development should be a process to master skills, not just learn them.  In today’s personal training environment, too many trainers pack a month with training sessions and never give a player a chance to fully develop what was taught before moving on to the next skill.

Players see better results training with us because we confront new weaknesses and dive deeper into the game.  We only work with player 2-3 times per month so they have the needed time to rep and learn new skills before moving on to new ones. This is why players see much better results working with us.

Tools to grow

Personal training with us give players access to our online training system and training app. These online tools provide videos of the skills and methods we teach as well as the ability for trainers to communicate directly with players to provide notes and tips.

Chart Progress

In addition to the online tools, players also receive our Certified Player Handbook. This allows players to take their own notes after each session and track their progress. The playbook is full of tips, terminology, and much more.