Training Programs

Training Options for Boys and Girls Grades K-12

How It works

training memberships and passes explained


All memberships are automatically recurring. You will be charged every 30 days from the day you sign up. If you need to cancel your membership, please email us before your next billing date and we will cancel your memberhsip free of charge. If you don't, you will be charged again. We do not refund for failure to cancel.


Sign up online anytime! The Personal Training Program and Training Center Memberships are good for 30 days from the day you sign up. Drop-In Workouts & Punch Passes are not memberships. Memberships only give access to that specific program. For example, a Training Center Membership does not give you access to Personal Training!


Be sure and check our training calendar to stay up to date on training times and days. Our memberships do not guarantee a specific number of training days in a week or month. Trainig cancelations do happen from time to time.

SKILL LAB Membership

Group Training

This program is pure skill development for boys and girls of all skill levels grades 4-12.  Start getting better today!  The Complete Player Program allows players to progress at their own pace, improving at their own level along with their peers.  This competitive environment helps push kids and take their game to the next level!

  • Train up to 4 times/week
  • Boys and girls grades 4-12
  • Starts the day you sign up
  • Month to month membership

Unlimited Membership

Full access to all Skill Lab sessions


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Limited Membership

Train 2 times per week


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KIDS Program

Start Right

We train children grades 1-3 utilizing I’m Possible’s Early Skill Development Program (ESD).  Kids can train twice per week, providing schedule flexibility to parents and endless opportunity for kids to get jumpstarted in the game!

Our training will teach these young players skills that won’t have to be untaught later on.  From ball handling, to footwork, to mechanics, coordination, core strength, and basketball specific athletic traits, the I’m Possible kids program builds the exact qualities ANY player will need as they get older.


Players will be taken through innovative training to help them develop ball handling, footwork, coordination, and core strength.

Fun hard

Our goal is to make the work we do challenging, exciting, and fun! We engage with kids to help them experience how fun training can be.

Teaching good

We dream as big as they do. The skills and concepts we teach will be usefull at every level of basketball. And nothing we teach will have to be untaught later on.

Unlimited Access

Full access to this program


ONLY AVAILABLE at the South Location

Punch Pass and Day Pass

No time, no problem. We have options to train on your own schedule.

Punch Pass

A Punch Pass allows you to train on 4 separate days at your convenience.  We understand that schedules don’t always work out which is why we provide this service.  A punch pass never expires and allows the player to join either our Complete Player Program or Kids program when they have the time.  This is not a membership, it is a one time purchase and cannot be used towards the future purchase of a membership.  Punch Passes are non-refundable as they do not expire.

Punch Pass
$ 75

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Day Pass

Schedules get crazy, and then all of a sudden you find time to train!  Just purchase a day pass and come join either our Complete Player or Kids Program at your convenience for one day of training.  Day passes do not expire and as such are non-refundable.  They are not memberships and cannot be used towards the future purchase of a membership.  YOU CAN ALSO PAY AT THE DOOR.

Day Pass
$ 20

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